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Submission for 2019 Lisp Games Jam.

Your dragon cruises the sky, following the magic pearl which you control! However, those pesky clouds are spoiling the view! Lead your dragon through the clouds to bust them up and make the sky safe for navigation!

Use your mouse to move the pearl, which the dragon will follow. Protip: If you hold down on the left mouse button, you can guide the pearl from outside of the window, which is helpful for getting some of those border clouds. When he scores a direct hit on a cloud with his nose, it will dissipate and add to your score. Missed clouds reduce it! The game ends when you decide you're done.

Use the "d" key to turn on the debug display, showing cloud centroids, the dragon IK chain and hitbox as well as the trail left by your mouse movements.


dd_v110.zip 12 MB

Install instructions

If you're on Windows, this game has no installer! Just unzip it somewhere convenient, go into the "dd" directory and double-click "dd.exe" to start. Thanks for trying it!

If you're on another platform, please feel free to grab the source and give it a try. You'll need a recent version of Dr. Racket for your platform. Source is at https://bitbucket.org/oofoe/dd, GPL 3+.

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