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Von Griffenclaw's greatest dream has come true! She's about to enter an exclusive school for witches! People like her! At last all the teasing, bullying and prejudice she's suffered will be at an end and she can make some real friends.

Isometric RPGlike with a story.

This was developed for the 2020 Autumn Lisp Game Jam. As such, it's not quite complete, but you can walk around and explore the opening world. The [enter] key or [space] bar will advance through messages (displayed on the scroll at the bottom of the screen. Use [up], [down], [left] and [right] arrow keys to move around the world. "Up" is North -- towards the top right of the playfield.

There are also some debug keys: [f11] turns on a grid overlay that I used for lining things up (50px increments) and [f12] shows state information as the game is running.

Note: Updated with very latest version (1.0.3) that just finished compiling after jam submission window closed...


witchy-1.0.3.exe 38 MB
witchy-1.0.3.zip 265 kB

Install instructions

If you're downloading witchy-xxx.exe for Windows, you should be able to just double click on it and run it. Please let me know if you have any problems.

I only have a Windows machine to compile on, so if you'd like to try it on another platform, get and install the latest version of Dr. Racket for your platform from https://racket-lang.org/. Then download the witchy-xxx.zip file, unzip somewhere convenient and load the file witchy.rkt into the Dr. Racket editor and hit the play button! It should work unmodified on Mac and Linux. And Windows, of course.

Development log

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