First (well, maybe second, or third) Light

This is a game about witches. Well, one particular witch -- your viewpoint character. There will be other witches, though, so don't worry.

This is a submission for the Autumn 2020 Lisp Game Jam.

I'm riffing off the old-school ZX-Spectrum isometric games here. Sort of what I was trying to do in Steam+Spark, but hopefully I'll get more rooms in this time...

This time around, I'm using the Racket Universe stuff for the game loop instead of putting my own together. So far the most annoying bit was trying to figure out how to interoperate with htdp/image. Didn't really work, but fortunately Universe can also take a regular bitmap from the to-draw function, so I just do bitmap-dc like I'm already used to.

Get Junior Witch High

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