Well, it's just after 0400 and maybe I should go to bed. Good thing there's at least 19 hours remaining!


I'm still finding my way around Urlang. For the most part, it's really quite awesome. However, there are a few bits where my understanding doesn't quite meet with it's implementation (my fault of course!). One thing that I am definitely running into is that as my program gets longer (around 400 lines right now), the Dr. Racket IDE gets slower, particularly with copy and paste. I think this might have to do with parsing the syntax for Urlang because plain Racket files seem unaffected. For now, I've switched to using Emacs and the `"c:/Program Files/Racket/racket.exe"` qc.rkt command to build it.


I've added new sprites for the cat jumping. Again, animated and rendered with Blender, and assembled using my sprite script. It was actually really straightforward to wire it in with the animation system and now the cat feels much more lively.

Sound & Music!

One of my big problems with prior entries to this jam is how incomplete my games were without sound. I finally made a breakthrough last go round for Racket executables (thanks very much to the two talented Brazilian musicians who helped me out with actual music). This time, I'm using a web browser to run the final product, so I should be able to have sound pretty easily, right? And yes! That is indeed the case. There are some rough edges to what I'm doing, but the HTML5 Audio tag is pretty sweet.

I'm using it both for the sound of the cat landing on a tile and for playing the background music. The latter is a bit hacky right now, but I'll make it better soon.

Cube Interaction

And speaking of landing on tiles, when the cat does, he changes the top colour, which is just the sort of thing that should happen in this sort of game.

More later, when I'm actually sort of awake!

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