People have done very impressive work with Graphics Gale, but I am destined not to be among their number, at least in the time I have available before the end of the Jam. So I flipped back to good old Xara, my goto drawing package of yore. It's intended for page layout, not pixel accuracy, but it can do in a pinch and its drafting tools made short work of the shapes I wanted for the pipes. If I'd started with it, I'd be that much ahead! Oh well...

I redid the background. However this time, the "MAX FILL" line is a sprite so I can control where it appears. This will be a knob for controlling the difficulty of a particular level. 

I also modified the particle system so that when the  particles hit the bottom of the container, they start filling it up. As the slime level increases, the particles die at the top of the slime, so less computation is done. It also provides a natural timer for when a level is failed -- if the slime level goes above MAX, you're out!

So now that I have this slime spilling out everywhere, I need to contain it. Of course the thing to contain it with are good sturdy pipes! Right now these are placed by keyboard control (I probably won't have enough time to do something with the mouse).

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