Baby Particle System

So, I have gotten a simple particle system working.

Particle systems (if you're not familiar with them) can simulate the flow of liquid or... um, particulate... matter by simulating how individual pieces of it, one at a time, usually in isolation. It's kind of like doing the old bouncing ball demo, but you have hundreds of bouncing balls at a time. 

My very simple system here has no physics, just births one particle every frame going off at a random vector. After thirty frames, the particle "dies" (is removed from the list). My plan is to have these particles be the slime that is leaking. Once I get gravity working, I should be able to get a nice arc jetting out from the nozzle instead of the current diffuse cloud.

I also need to have the particles deal with collisions on the surface. Right now, they just pass through everything...

Get Slime Leak

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