A downloadable game for Windows

This game was developed for the 2018 Lisp Games Jam.

It is very short, but complete (it has a beginning, middle, end and

When it starts you'll see the title screen. Press [SPACE] to advance.
You guide HERO through the monster-infested chambers of the Castle
Monsterous by using the arrow keys. See your progress on the map at
the top. When you come to a room with a monster, HERO will fight it
for you. He must defeat it before you can move on.

I hope you enjoy it!

License is GPLv3.


castle_20180429_2305.zip 11 MB
castle_src_20180429_2310.zip 2 MB

Install instructions

To run on Windows, download the zip file. Unzip somewhere convenient. Go into the "castle_DATE_TIME" directory and click on the "castle_DATE_TIME.exe" to start the game. You should not need anything extra installed to use this game.

To use on other architectures (that I don't have access to...), download castle_src_20180429_2310.zip and the appropriate Dr. Racket for your machine. Load the %castle.rkt from the src directory into the editor and hit "Run"! If everything is as cross-platform as they claim, you should be off to the races -- there are no dependencies aside from Dr. Racket itself. I'm using Dr. Racket 6.12. Thanks to @borodust for mentioning this.

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