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Harmony is a simple city-planning/empire-building game, similar to  the old Hammurabi game, or a very, very simplified version of Sim-City.

You start in the Year of the Biscuit, and rule for a ten year term. Every season, the royal accountants determine how much you made from your holdings and you  will have the opportunity to build new units in your demesnes.

Use the arrow keys to move the red box cursor around the map, then [space] to select where you want the new unit to go. You will see a choice of several kinds of units and their build cost that you can put down. If you pick one, the information panel will show how much it will pay out. Use [space] to confirm, or [escape] to go back and choose a new location. If you want to skip building for one turn, just hit [escape] instead of choosing a place to build.

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