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Well, as usual, I was trying to fix things right up to the launch... In this case, I realized that I should add some sort of introductory message for people trying to play the game who haven't read the blurb. Unfortunately, Racket took just a leeetle too long to compile it, and I wasn't able to upload before the Jam closed. Here is the intro, if you're interested:

Welcome to Steam+SPARK!
Use the arrow keys to move around the environment.
Game messages will appear in this window.
You are Elektra, a 16 year old sophomore in Steam
High School. Today is the day of the annual School
Steam Science Faire. Find your PASS and your PROJECT
so you can ride the Steam-bus to glory!

This is my first attempt at a 3D game in Dr. Racket and, aside from running out of time, I think it went fairly well. The Racket pict3d library provides a lot of geometric primitives, but I wanted more interaction, so I used Blender to create the 3D assets. Once created, I saved them out of Blender as Wavefront OBJ files (see last blog post), and I read them in when the game starts. Data-wise, it's not too dissimilar to my last entry (Harmony) in that the world is a grid. However, I'm a little more sophisticated about it this time around. Among other things, I use structs to store the state-vector instead of lots of globals. 

Also, because I hate to hardcode things, I wound up creating a cute little DSL for specifying event actions. I'll write a separate post about that one later, because even though it's fairly simple, I'm pretty happy with it!

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Apr 20, 2020

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