Wavefront OBJ Importer

So, pict3d has a lot of interesting features, but one thing it doesn't seem to have (aside from texture mapping) is any way to get existing assets in. The author seems to expect that you'll create everything you want out of primitives supplied. 

However, pict3d does provide triangle and quad, the building blocks of polygonal assets. With enough fiddling, you can use these to build what you want.

The Wavefront OBJ format goes almost all the way back to the dawn of commercial computer graphics on the SGI. It's a pretty simple format -- every line is a particular piece of data (point, face, etc.) and each line starts with a keyword indicating what data it is. Because computers were pretty slow back then, the file format is pretty easy to parse, for both humans and computers. None of this XML nonsense! People working in studio environments these days find it lacking, hence the transition to Collada or USD, but for what I need, it matches the capabilities of pict3d nicely.

Except texturing. Why does pict3d not have texturing?!?

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