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Elektra has always known there's something... different... about her. Today she's entering her project in the School Steam Science Faire, and it's a doozy! Once she's collected her PROJECT and her Steam-Bus PASS, the adventure can begin!

This is a graphical adventure game. Use the arrow keys to walk around the environment. Along the way, you'll discover items and talk to other people who can help you in your quest. Because of a library limitation, the game text will appear in a secondary window -- when you see it pop up, move it to where you can see it and follow along.

Note for anyone finding this: This was developed for the 2020 Spring Lisp Games Jam. It is not complete, but you can go through the first two scenes (the Bedroom/Workshop and the Front Yard). If you're interested in the design, check out the %scenario.org file, which has the basic design for the first act and specifications for how the game engine works. If you wanna' see some Lisp code, try out %steamy.rkt, which among other things, has a simple Wavefront OBJ importer for use with Racket's pict3d library as well as a cute little DSL for specifying game events. If you have any trouble running the game, please do leave a comment and I'll get back to you! Thanks for taking a look!


steamy-v1.0.0.zip 20 MB
steamy-v1.0.0-source.zip 148 kB
steamy-v1.0.3.zip 17 MB

Install instructions

You will need to have a graphics card that supports OpenGL.

If you are downloading the executable, unzip, then go into the folder and double-click on steamy.exe.

If using the source, you'll need the current Dr. Racket and the pict3d library. In addition to the archive, source will also be available at https://hg.sr.ht/~oofoe/steamy (once I get it pushed...).

Development log

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