First Light!

I enjoy adventure games. They can often tell a more complex and interesting story than just "blow up the aliens", but there can still be explosions too. There's also a lot of different sub-genres -- text only, roguelike and so on.

This project is an adventure game, set on a millennia-old alien spacecraft, drifting at the edge of the galaxy. Our hero and faithful companion CHEL:NA -- through NO fault of their own, just want to make that clear -- have crashed their ship into it. They must explore and scavenge what they can to make repairs and escape. Ha! Escape... That's a good one.

So we spent several days coming up with the concept and a first draft of the first part of the script. Now, I finally have something to upload! This is a very quick conversion of the Qube*Cat "engine". It needs a lot of work (I'm planning to integrate bits of Zode-Trip), but it should do well for a game like this.

Things to do:

  • Design document (in progress).
  • Schedule (very important...)
  • Art 
  • Music
  • Animation system.
  • Puzzle system.
  • Dialogue system.
  • Page styling, description, screenshots, etc.

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